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by Dalton Key
for the week of January 19, 2020




Were Paul, the fearless apostle of old 

Preaching his message today, 

Would he be heard by world or church, 

And allowed to have his say? 


“There is only one body,” no doubt he’d proclaim, 

“And the church is that body of Christ.” 

“But no!” comes the cry, “that’s too narrow, too cold!” 

“Share with us something that’s nice. 


“One comes into this body by being baptized – 

For their sins are washed away.” 

But were he to preach these simple words now 

Few churches would ask Paul to stay. 


“But Paul, isn’t sincerity of heart all one needs 

To reach that heavenly strand?” 

“No,” we hear back, “The heart that is pure, 

Is the heart that has heeded God’s plan.” 


There is really no doubt – Paul wouldn’t be heard, 

Were he preaching God’s gospel today; 

But his message of truth is preserved even now – 

Are WE letting Paul have his say?